giovedì 10 luglio 2008


Inserito originariamente il 27 giugno 2008 da LJ.

He was a little fiesty...shouting at everyone as he couldnt light his cigarette. I offered him one and he calmed down...for a while at least ;-)

Nakteve dice:""I love his photographies! I think his portraits are the most beautiful that I have seen.""
sam_samantha (Cambodia) dice:"You give of yourself not only artistically through your photos and talent, but you've also given your heart to the children that LOVE works with as well. Thank you Lee from my children's hearts and mine... for believing in us and our dreams...for the opportunities that you give them with your generosity and support. Writing this simple testimonial is the best that I can do for your kindness....and I 'm truly honored to call you friend and to have your images to inspire my work. Sincerely,samantha"

2 commenti:

Antonio Lo Russo ha detto...

Ritratto definizione dell'immagine, l'espressione del soggetto, il taglio. Tutto lo unico nel suo genere!

Andrea ha detto...

Uno fra i migliori ritratti che io abbia mai visto. Bravissimo!